Rana Shanawani (Sunset)
Jun 28, 2017
Syrian Refugees
John Sette (lunch)
Jun 28, 2017
Tekeste Ghebremichael (Sunrise)
Jun 28, 2017
Ethiopian School Rotary Project
David Scott (Sunset)
Jul 12, 2017
Morristown Market Street Mission
Jane Coyle (Sunrise, Lunch & Sunset)
Jul 19, 2017
Mrs. Wilson's Facilities For Treatment Of Women Recovering From Addiction
Tekeste Ghebremichael ( Sunset )
Aug 02, 2017
Ethiopian School Rotary Project
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"The Original Social Network"
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 ROTARY Club of Morristown ~ We Welcome New Members
The Social Club is Back!
For those of you who remember, a few years ago we had social events organized for smaller get-togethers in member's homes--for the PURE reason of getting to know each other better on a personal basis. Well, we are beginning this again. Let me say, I am very excited to be the one to be getting this going again for us all to enjoy!
The first "social" dinner is scheduled for Saturday January 21, 2017
We already have several "Hosting Member" volunteeers. Others are welcome to proivde their homes as well.
Please email me to let me know if you will be able to join us on January 21st and also if you would be willing to offer your home for future social club dinners.
I know this will be super fun, so we hope this is enough lead time to allow MANY MANY of you to participate. 
Here's how it will work:
1) There will be several hosting members who are offering their homes for each event.
2) Each location will host 3 or 4 couples, or up to 8 people.
3) The host will provide any theme for the evening, and all those who attend will bring a dish to contribute to the evening feast
4) BYO
5) A small contribution of $5.00 per person will be contributed to cover miscellaneous costs such as mixers, soft drinks, etc. This will be contributed directly to your host. 
The Social Club is looking forward to 4 events per year - Quarterly
Marcie Hanhart
The quarterly meeting held last week was a lively evening with guests and awards. We had the opportunity to meet Hannah, who is happy to be here in Morristown! Pia shared her story and pictures from Korea, where she attended the last Rotary International conference.  A few pictures that represent the evening.    
Walkfest is Sunday, October 9th! And now there is an easy way to fundraise for this great event.  Walkfest is now a 501(C)(3) and all donations are tax deductible. AND donations can be made through PayPal on the new website, which is easy to share with friends and family:
Let's see how much we can raise as a club to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. 
Morristown Rotary new exchange student arrives; Hannah Decock 
12 year-old, Panamanian patient Darineyka (Dari) Trotman came to our area in early August sponsored and hosted by the Montville Club.  After extensive testing at Westchester Medical Center, it was found that Dari needed to have a high risk procedure to correct VSD – a ventricular septal defect.  Three weeks ago, she underwent a 12 hour surgery to correct the septal defect and fix transposed arteries. 
Dari came through this intensive surgery with flying colors and just left to fly home with her aunt last Thursday!  She should not require further heart surgeries due to this successful outcome!  Dari is a passionate baker and her favorite TV show is Cupcake Wars – she baked amazing cupcakes for GOL visitors. Gift of Life New Jersey is proud that Dari will have every opportunity to live a full and healthy life!
Gift of Life will celebrate Dari’s successful case along with many others at its Annual Meeting scheduled for Monday, September 26th at the Ukrainian American Cultural Center in Whippany.  Please consider attending this inspiring event to learn more about Gift of Life New Jersey and seeing Rotary at work.
Florencia's nephew, Mateo, attended last week's sunset meeting. He has shared his impressions of the meeting. 
Every year the Rotary International President creates a theme for their term. This year, RI President-Elect John Germ has chosen Rotary Serving Humanity as his theme for the 2016-2017 year.
See what our new RI President has to say about his theme
(or click HERE if you cannot play the video).
The Interact group met last week for an end of the year get together/ goodbye to the Seniors.
Andrea, from the Artist Baker, donated delicious cupcakes decorated with the Rotary Wheel as a "thank you" from our Morristown Club.
On Saturday, March 12, these articles ran in two local papers, The Island and Daily News, in Sri Lanka to announce the launching of Project JOY. Project JOY was a joint effort between the Rotary Clubs of Morristown and Colombo West in Sri Lanka to provide three diagnostic machines to the 900 bed pediatric hospital to help diagnose children with epilepsy. A big thank you goes out to Merle Johnson who took the lead on this project and helped make it a huge success!
This is a report of the grants and sponsorships that the Rotary Club of Morristown has awarded so far this fiscal year. To date, we have awarded grants totaling $8,000 to the following:
~ Netcong-Stanhope Rotary Club - for their continued development of their solar panel project in Sri Lanka
~ Literacy Volunteers of Morris County - to purchase teaching materials for their adult literacy program
~ Interfaith Food Pantry - to purchase additional foods for our needy population when supplies run low
~ Somerset Home for Temporarily Displaced Children - for their Morristown's Street Smart outreach program, which is a program for young adults that are homeless, runaways or living on the streets that provides food, short term shelter, and life skills training
And to date, we have awarded sponsorships totaling $2,500 to the following:
~ "Welcome Home Wish List" - District 7470's project to purchase household items for veterans upon their completion of the "Hope for Veterans" program
~ Morristown Beautiful, Inc. - to purchase supplies for the town wide cleanup day
Have you seen the District's new TV commercial? It's airing on the local Optimum Cablevision channels. Don't have Cablevision? You are in even more luck then, as PDG Barry Kroll has shared the commercial on YouTube (https://youtu.be/Qy6Ks31jUdM).
For your viewing pleasure (click the link above if you cannot see the video player):
The day started and finished with three beautiful antiques, In Charlie and Cheryl Eggert's driveway, the 1931 Oldsmobile Coupe, the 1931 Oldsmobile collapsible roadster and the 47 Cadillac convertible. 43 Rotarians enjoyed Great weather, Comradeship congeniality and affable mixing  at Matt and Beth Wirths house to start the day, then marching through 50,000 enthusiastic parade watchers, finishing with an animated gathering,  again at Eggert’s place.
Can't see the photo viewer? Click this link to access the album on Photobucket: http://s1160.photobucket.com/user/VeronicaKoons/library/St%20Patricks%20Day%20Parade%202016
Check out these photos of the 14th Annual A Taste of Morristown. What a fun night it was! I bet you can hardly wait for next year. (Can't see the photo viewer? Click this link to see the album on Photobucket: 14th Annual A Taste of Morristown)
Have photos but forgot to share them with Veronica? Well have no fear! E-mail them over to vkoons@scarletmail.rutgers.edu and so she can keep the album growing.

The Club has been introduced to Joann Spera by Colette Mongey, who is a passionate supporter of Joann's project.  Joann is the educational liaison at Goryeb Children's Hospital at Morristown.  She heads a special project to provide an in-school robot for children with a cancer diagnosis that requires them to miss much school time due to treatment.  Joann will be attending all three meetings on Wednesday, March 9th, to share the story of her VGo robot project.

Come on out and say "Hello" to Morristown Rotary Club! The Morris County St. Patrick's Day Parade is a big event and Rotary of Morristown has fun celebrating in our town.


These Morristown Rotarians and their family/friends spent their Valentine's Day afternoon enjoying each other's company while not only watching the Devils take on the LA Kings but also supporting Gift of Life. Even better, the Devils won!


by Harvey Gilbert, Morristown Rotary Club
How many times have you heard someone reporting that he or she joined Rotary because they wanted to find a way to "give back"? What does that mean? Give what back? And to whom? Is someone missing something? And why is this so important, anyway?
In case you are one of those who joined Rotary in hopes of finding paradise in the networking opportunities that don't remain a primary focus, I must enlighten you. The idea of "giving back" is the glue holding most clubs together. Despite the difficulty of finding a good meeting time or place, the diminishing numbers of members, the aging of the population and the difficulty in competing with the " hectic work and life schedules imposed upon younger potential members, some clubs continue to hang in there. The "giving back" idea is a wonderful oasis in a desert of taking.
Through high school and college, many are surrounded with the competition of sports, grades, and social events. Many are encouraged to do the "best they can do". They are sent into the marketplace to show how to be creative and more attractive to employers, customers and potential spouses. Treasuring the mass market, the advertising catch, the franchise success, the boast and puff, they push the limit of ethics in order to achieve, develop, produce and acquire. The focus is narrowed so that the achiever could more efficiently "get there", "make it big", "knock 'em dead", "take our share", and "win".
Along the way, our churches complain that the seats are not filled as they used to be. Individuals in other civic groups, as well as our Rotary members, have had years of stumbling. Is it any surprise that many people are in search of a way to find meaning and satisfaction in the work of the day?
We no longer often see the tree we cut used to build the roof that shelters us. We no longer often raise the com or cow that becomes what fills our stomach. Most of us are separated from the satisfaction of seeing and feeling the stuff that we do as it is turned into the benefit we hoped would result.
This is where Rotary lives. This is where Rotary soars. This is where your potential good members are found. Find someone who wants to feel the satisfaction of "giving back" and they will find in Rotary the enjoyment which will be immediate and contagious. We have what they need. We show first hand and immediately what it is to be a part of a loving and caring neighborhood of friends who expand the definition of "home" to include all of us. We help those who need help. We do this. Giving back is what we do.
This was the Rotary Club of Morristown's second year adopting a family for Christmas through Jersey Battered Woman's Services (JBWS). Denise Wennogle, who coordinated the event, delivered six large bags to the shelter. Mom and kids will be receiving everything on their wish list plus some extra goodies. 
Here is a photo of all of the gifts for Morristown's family.
On Saturday, December 12, Pia Reich and George Zacieracha collected donated goods for District Governor Elect Margit Rahill's Welcome Home, a program aiding homeless veterans. Overall, they had 2 microwaves, several small appliances, 2 flatware sets, 2 dinnerware sets, bed linens, towels, kitchen utensils, 7 umbrella’s, 7 blankets, and 7 winter hats.
Here is a photo of George standing next to car filled with the items that Pia took up to Margit Rahill's business.
Morristown Rotary Club members and guests celebrated at The Morristown Club on Friday evening. Highlights of the event were installation of our newest member, Donna Orr, and hearing our guest speaker, Peter Demnitz, Morristown Chief of Police. Chief Demnitz spoke about law enforcement in Morristown in a talk that was sharp but humorous. Definitely a presentation that won't be forgotten. Santa and his elf, Veronica, made a very brief appearance, too. A good time was had by all.
On Friday, November 20, Marcie Hanhart, Paul Nelson, and Florencia Luce-Mazurowski delivered 103 dictionaries to the third graders of Sussex Avenue Elementary School. It was fun for everyone involved! Each Rotarian got a chance to speak to the students, all of whom were excited and had tons of questions. Florencia even presented in Spanish, explaining how the dictionary helped her to learn English.
Three Morristown Rotarians---Eva Pia Reich, Florencia Mazurowski, and Veronica Koons---made their way to New York City on November 7 for Rotary's annual day at the United Nations. This year, Rotary celebrated our Global Women of Action and sessions based upon our six areas of focus (Maternal/Child Health, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Economic Growth, Education and Literacy, Clean Water, and Disease Prevention) discussed what we can do to help empower the women and children in the world. Rotary International President K.R. Ravindran addressed the Rotarians in attendance and took part in the day's activities.
The first set of dictionaries have been delivered! Bill Weiss and TJ Gallagher brought third-graders at Normandy Park School their brand new dictionaries. This marks Bill's fifteenth (15th) year of providing this wonderful service to the Normandy Park students and teachers.
The Dictionary Project is an annual event where the Rotary Club purchases and delivers a dictionary to third-graders in the area, and these dictionaries are theirs to keep. With such a technological world, it is important for our children to be able to learn how to utilize the greatest resource available, books. For some children, this may be one of the only books that they own.
To learn more about the history of the The Dictionary Project, click here.
Last Friday, Morristown Rotary met at The Morristown Club for the quarterly combined meeting. The club presented two grants that night to Kids to Kids and Gift of Life. We also heard from District Governor Elect Margit Rahill about her project Welcome Home, which provides housing assistance and resources to homeless veterans.
This past Saturday, Oct. 10, three Morristown Rotarians made the journey to the Courtyard Marriott in Montvale to attend the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) hosted by Rotary District 7490. 
President Doug Greenberger and Veronica Koons graduated Part III, and President Elect John Loughman completed Part II. 
RLI is a wonderful resource if you are not only interested in learning more about Rotary and leadership skills, but the lessons you learn there can be applied in your everyday life and business. Sessions are hosted by different districts throughout the year. Please stay tuned for information on District 7470's session this coming spring or visit rlinea.org.
FREE SEMINAR: GROWING UP ONLINE. The Facts about Raising Kids in the Digital Age
featuring YALDA T. UHLS, Ph.D., Child Psychologist & Research Expert on Media & Children

Learn how digital media impacts the emotional, social & academic well being of children at home and in school. Hear solutions on how to help children safely and productively navigate the digital  world.

Dr. Uhls will also moderate a Q&A discussion between the parent community & guest panelists: Erica Hartman,  Supervisor of Technology, Morris School District, and Dr. Michael Giuliano, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, Morristown Medical Center.
Presented by the Morris Educational Foundation & a grant from the MORRISTOWN ROTARY Fund for Parent Education.
Check out these photos from the Daily Record of this year's Morristown Festival on the Green. The featured photo was of Morristown Rotary Club's booth with Jonathan Taylor whipping up some cotton candy. See the rest of the photos here: http://dailyre.co/1Fwq6ml
Traveling abroad means more opportunities to meet fellow Rotarians. Here's Harvey Gilbert exchanging banners with the President of the Rotary Club of Sandys Bermuda.
Morristown Rotary Club members shared an afternoon of fun, food and karaoke with the campers and counselors at Easter Seal's Camp Merry Heart. 
Photos by Morristown Rotarian, David Shapiro
At the District Conference in Washington D.C., Morristown Rotary took home two awards. The first was best attendance at the conference with 26 of our members and their guests in attendance. The second was the prestigious Presidential Citation, where Morristown Rotary was one of only six clubs in the district to receive such an honor. Click "Read More" to see more photos. 
Morristown is filled with barrels of flowers once again, thanks to the vision of a Morristown Rotarian and the generosity of Rotary Club of Morristown's members and friends. Thanks to all the Rotarians and their friends and families who helped. See more pix by clicking "Read More" below, or in our Photo Albums in the column at left. Go MoRo


"Rotary Club of Morristown" meets at "The Morristown Club," a destination enjoyed by local business leaders and their families for over 100 years. The location at 27 Elm Street is rich in history with beautiful ambiance and delicious food, and it is within walking distance of greater downtown.  

Good People. Good Works. Good Food. Walk to lunch meetings on Wednesday.  Connect with business owners and committed volunteers. Become a part of it. We welcome new members. Contact Denny Morrison, Membership, for more information.



Shelter Box is an international emergency response program started by a Rotarian.  This video (2012) shows the amazing dome-tent home, living supplies, including water purification, and tools to survive that come out of a green Shelter Box.



The Rotary Club of Morristown, NJ has partnered with the Rotary Club of Colombo West in Sri Lanka on a new endeavor named Project Joy, to fund equipment to local physicians treating epilepsy in Sri Lanka.  It is the Children's Epilepsy Project's goal to provide equipment to local physicians to assist them in making accurate diagnoses for the selection of the most appropriate therapy.  This approach to treatment of children with epilepsy gives them a chance for a normal life.  Learn more at our dedicated Rotary Project Joy Website: www.rotaryprojectjoy.com


The Interfaith Food Pantry serves residents of Morris County supplying food to assist families and households affected by hard economic times. Families face difficulties when the household income earners are subjected to unemployment, reduced hours or reduced pay. Never has the role of the Interfaith Food Pantry been greater than now.


Nutrition educator Jennifer Percival conducts a cooking demonstration for beneficiaries of the Interfaith Food Pantry in the Healthy Choice Teaching Kitchen.


Solar Lighting Project: A report by Paul Sigmund, Ministry Of Hope, to Morristown Rotary Club regarding their $2,500 grant. 

Ideas sometimes arise unexpectedly.  During the first week of last year’s trip to Malawi, we constructed swing sets at MOH's feeding centers.  Mid way through the second week, as we were enjoying the African sunset after the day’s work building a gravity drip irrigation system for a vegetable garden, I was struck by the suddenness via which the sunset plunged into total darkness.  As the sun fades, without electricity all activity at the remote feeding centers comes to a halt and the kids MOH serves quickly leave for home in the surrounding villages. What a difference a few electric lights might make! 

Sponsored by the Morristown Rotary Club, mother, Margaret and GIFT OF LIFE CHILD, Dotun (pronounced Dotsoon) traveled to Montefiore hospital where the surgeons performed surgery to correct a hole in his heart and an unhealthy thickening of the walls of his heart. This is very dangerous and tricky surgery especially for a child of this age and size.

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